Special Point
Private PoolVilla

a private pool villa
We offer a place to rest just for you.
Make a precious time at Stay St. 21.
Available rooms: STAY Ⅰ~SATY Ⅲ (STAY Camp do not have private poolvilla)

Private Swimming Pool

You can use it comfortably all year round
Individual swimming pools are prepared.

Fee: 80,000 won for lukewarm water (pre-application)
*Free to use cold water, and the fee for using lukewarm water is
The amount may change depending on the situation.
*The lukewarm water temperature is the temperature set based on the check-in time.
* You can't adjust the water height
Please refer to it when you use it.

Operating period: Four seasons
Hours of use: From admission to 22:00
Clothing used: swimwear, rash guard, functional tee

Private BBQ

The highlight of the trip is the barbecue party!
Enjoy the night of your trip with a barbecue.

# BBQ (based on 1 night)
- Preparation time: No limit
- Hours of use: After entering the room ~ 22:00
- Amount used:
STAY Ⅰ~SATY Ⅱ : KRW 30,000 based on a bucket of charcoal (*Can't add charcoal)
- SATY Ⅲ : KRW 20,000 based on using Electronic Grill
- STAY Camp : KRW 20,000 based on a bucket of charcoal (*Can't add charcoal)
※ If charcoal+grill is provided after payment,
Available after self-fire
※ Rain and winter time possible
※ charcoal/grill not allowed to carry

# Campfire
Available rooms: STAY Ⅱ, STAY Camp
Cost : KRW 20,000 won for firewood (on a single occasion)

Garden & PhotoZone

There is a lawn garden and a photo zone to give you memories.
Make beautiful memories with your loved ones.

* There's a lot of private houses around the pool villa
Please refrain from reckless entertainment, drinking, and singing.


Wi-Fi is available.
Try using the Internet without worrying about data.

parking lot
There is a parking lot.
Please visit comfortably.(Up to 3 units)

a mart/convenience store
Convenience store: 8 minutes by car
Mart: E-Mart 10 minutes by car

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