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Chuncheon Lego Land

Legoland Korea Resort is scheduled to open on May 5, 2022. There are Legoland theme parks and hotels, which will create special experiences and memories for families with children.

About 10 minutes by car from the pension, 8.14 km (Source: Every corner of Korea -
Soyang River Skywalk

The Soyanggang Skywalk, which stretches coolly over the river, has a total length of 174m, of which the floor is made of transparent tempered glass. At the end of the bridge, a circular square and a wing-like observatory were installed.

Approximately 11 minutes by car from the pension, 7.2 km (Source: Every corner of Korea -
Gangchon Rail Park (Kim Yoo-jung Rail Bike)

Rail bikes are now running instead of trains on the old Gyeongchun Line railroad, which was useless with the opening of the Gyeongchun Line double-track railway. Gangchon Rail Park Kim Yu-jeong Rail Bike departs right next to Kim Yu-jeong Station on the Gyeongchun Line. There are many small things to enjoy, such as cafes and zip wires, as well as photo zones such as large book sculptures and colorful umbrella sculptures that take advantage of regional characteristics.

About 12 minutes by car from the pension, 8.3 km (Source: Every corner of Korea -
Samaksan Mountain

Samaksan Mountain, which rises along Uiamho Lake and Bukhangang River, is one of the most scenic mountains in Chuncheon. It was named Samaksan Mountain because it consists of three rugged peaks: Yonghwabong Peak (654m), Cheongunbong Peak (546m), and Deungseonbong Peak (632m)

About 17 minutes by car from the pension, 10.3 km (Source: Every corner of Korea -
Jade Garden

An exotic arboretum with the theme of "Small Europe in the Forest." Twenty-four theme gardens were created on a site of about 163,500㎡ while maintaining the natural topography as circular as possible. European sensibility can be felt everywhere, including the Italian Tuscany-style visitor center at the entrance of the arboretum, the British-style border garden decorated with English-style flower beds, and the Italian wedding garden with Italian-style garden styles and waterways.

About 23 minutes by car from the pension, 20.58 km (Source: Every corner of Korea -
Happy Meadow Ranch

Happy Meadow Ranch, located in the middle of the mountain in Sabuk-myeon, Chuncheon, is famous for its experience ranch and SNS life photo spot. The ranch, which is spread on about 231,400 square meters of grass, is a Gangwon Korean beef experience farm that grazes Korean beef, and you can directly feed and interact with various animals such as cows, sheep, rabbits, and goats.

About 28 minutes by car from the pension, 22.7 km (Source: Every corner of Korea -
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